Sonia is fantastic woman from Napoli. She lives in Berlin and is one of my favorite models. See her stunning performance in front of the cam.  


Edith is a dancer. You know from her perfect control of her body. Her Scandinavian charm adds greatly to the pics.        

Sana Sakura

Sana is a most intense model. Being a Japanese Butoh dancer she knows how important detail is. And she has great patience with me. She adds greatly to every shooting with her accuracy and creativity.    


Sofia lives in a historic Spanish apartment in the center of Madrid. The apartment gave an excellent photographic opportunity with its big Spanish windows and balcony.  What an abundance of photographic perspectives. And Sofia looks gorgeous in this environment.

Joy Lamore

Madrid is not only known for its hot weather, but it is also home for excellent models. Joy Lamore aka Joanna Lattimore is one of the best models I ever had in front of my camera. While being a well known model she is professional in every way and very concentrated and adds her own creativity to the shooting.